Tuesday, May 21, 2013

music at our gate

here is a look into one of the many differences about our life here.  well, first we have this ginormous spiky gate that is oh so welcoming.  :)   but, besides that, we have random people that come to our gate... or pass by our house hoping that their "noise" will entice someone to come out and give them business.  it's interesting... you get to know the calls, the objects being rhythmically banged and the many sounds that have a meaning to all indonesians.  

one day luke and i were inside playing and he heard the guitar outside. he went running outside to the gate, so excited to see these guys singing and playing guitar and asking for money.  :)  i grabbed my phone (camera) and some money (equivalent of about $0.30) and documented something about indonesia that luke loves.  

these guys are kind of outcasts of society, they hang out at street lights and play a little song by your window hoping to get a few cents.  they are tattooed (which is not looked upon well here), pierced and usually in black clothing.  sometimes they live on the street and sometimes they don't.  luke has no idea that society looks at them so differently than he does.  he is thrilled to see the guys with the guitars come by!  and, they know that luke loves them (read: we give them money) so they come back.  it's okay.  one day luke will realize that these guys are not looked upon well by other people, but i hope that he still smiles at them, looks at them with joy and excitement and communicates that they are valuable in the eyes of God.  

look at that face!  pure joy that the guys were singing for him and that he got to give them money.  so sweet.


Laural Lee Pond said...

this is so awesome. first i love that luke isn't wearing pants and i love how luke already loves people well! you are a good mom lisa! this post truly makes me smile and warms my heart.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

That's so cool:)