Saturday, May 18, 2013

snake kisser

last sunday we went down to the area of the "sunday market."  the actually market is crazy packed (not enjoyable for our little family) but the main drag by the market is closed to cars and there are a ton of interesting people.  i really enjoyed going there and getting our kids out in our city... even though they got grabbed and photographed.  :)

it's kind of like each group of people with a special interest gather on a certain area of the street and do their thing together, whatever that may be.  on sunday we saw the snake owner club, the luwak owner club (a very pricey rodent that eats and poops coffee that is sold for a pretty penny.  i will say, it's good coffee!), the numchuck club, the dance club, and the bar tender club who threw their bottles and glasses all around their bodies (are there bars here?!?  didn't know about that sect of culture here).  very interesting.  so, here's the snake guys... probably where we spent the most time.

here's the dude smacking the snake so that it would jump at him.

and here is the smacked snake biting another guy's arm.  i guess that is the goal at smacking the snake.  crazy people.

i wasn't too into the snake... especially because his head was unrestrained and it just kept creeping towards me.  but, luke loved it!

lastly, the guy kissing his snake.  crazy, i tell you.
and here is the zoom in of the above photo... he was really kissing it!

then we moved along to the blaring music.  indonesians love loud, all things loud.  and they love to do group exercises/dance on streets.  here they are doing the gangnam style dance.  let's just say it kept me entertained!  :)  luke loved the music too.  danny and mary walked around and luke just stared at the stage for so long.  i was thinking, "don't get any ideas, buddy.  you will be an athlete, not a man in a hot pink shirt doing one hit wonder dances."  then luke busted out his moves (providing entertainment for all of his onlookers) and i was reminded that he will in fact not be a dancer.  we don't have moves in this family.... not that those guys did either, but you know what i mean.  :)  

next order of entertainment was this little ride.  luke loved it and his fellow passengers were so cute!  

lastly, a guy in some contraption that made him jump really high.  not sure, but it looked like something i'd like to try one day. 

there were a lot of other interesting things there, but it's just so hard for me to take photos with my kids (and good photos were definitely not happening).  it was a really fun morning though.  i love getting out in our city, seeing people and the things of interest here.  every time we get out and do something fun in the city like this i love indonesia a little more.  i love noticing the many funny cultural differences, talking to friendly people (indonesians are so friendly!), seeing other families having fun together.  i just like it.  

and, then the streets were open to cars again... and every other mode of transpiration that is used here.  :)

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空キセノ said...

Oh, I know this place. It's Jalan Ijen in Malang, right. I live in this city...