Friday, May 3, 2013

i watch him, i promise.

luke often makes buddies when we are out and about.  his primary criteria for a friend is whether or not that individual is in possession of a ball... and is willing to share it.  in the case below, this little boy was sharing a ball with luke and they played together for a good 45 minutes.  it was really cute.  then they went to the playground and the boy took really good care of his new little buddy, luke.  

people here are generally more protective of their children playing... independence is not a value here.   this evening i stood on the ground and watched luke as his little "protector" followed him around.  if luke was on the grass heading towards the stairs the kid would immediately look at me like, "aren't you going to do something?!?" and then run after luke to assist him.  it was so funny to me.  luke can climb the stairs by himself.  i wasn't worried.

i also had luke on the swing, and his buddy was right there with us.  the boy kept reminding me not to push luke too hard because he might fall (it was a big kid swing).  i just thought it was so funny and cute and such picture of the different cultural ways to view safety of kids.  the odd thing about this is that there are very, very few children that wear helmets when they ride motorcycles here.  to me, that is a safety issue worth worrying about.  don't' worry, my kids always wear helmet when they are on the motorcycle... and they are in their five-point harness carseats too.  :)

also today i went to the mall with the kids and our babysitter ended up coming along (miscommunication in timing so the kids were too excited about the mall to change the plan on them... so we all went).  :)  every time luke would get near an escalator i could see Ibu Sri's blood pressure rising.  she kept saying, "i'm scared, i'm scared, lisa."  she was terrified that luke was going to slip when he walked on and off.  i was right beside him incase he did, but he didn't want anyone to hold his hand.  he was fine.  it was just so funny to see her fear build every time and then every time he successfully rode the escalator she was so proud and giddy.  

i watch my kid, i promise. :)  

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the Jennings secede from the South said...

That is really interesting. You think of people here being overprotective but I guess it's just in different ways?