Sunday, May 19, 2013

mary's seven roommates

mary is really really into pretending these days.  she carries these little people and dolls everywhere and makes up all kinds of stories with them.  they all have a name and i am frequently quizzed on their names.  their names crack me up... so random.  

last night as i was putting mary to bed i looked around her room and found little "beds" for each of her little people.  she had put them all to sleep.  i just think it's cute... so i grabbed my phone and captured it.  

introducing mary's roommates: 

this is danny sleeping on the net

here is "clifford" the little blue donkey (not the big red dog) and biscuit

this is dave, of david and goliath, on a folded up pillow case

this is casey, with her little red car (bottom right) and her pacifier, in a cardboard box

this is "emily elizabeth" (clifford the big red dog's owner), aka cinderella, face down on the blanket

this is "pak efendi" (our neighbor's name... who we really don't know that well) sleeping on the devotional book

this is linda (my mom) in her bed

there were three missing last night: david and goliath (who are wooden female buriat dolls... buriats are the people group that lives in siberia where i lived in 2001.  i've had the dolls since then... never thought i'd have kids that actually played with them!).  and pak puji, he is our good friends driver.  yes, drivers are common here.  he is a really sweet man and we carpool with them to school so mary sees a lot of him.  he has a mustache and always wears a hat, and the little man named pak puji also has a mustache and hat.  i thought it was hilarious the first time i heard her say it!  

as i was writing this post i heard one of the kids crying, or so i thought.  we often let mary "read" or play in her bed until 8:30 or so.... and sometimes we may forget to turn the light off.  :) but she usually just falls asleep. well, it's 9:30pm.  i thought they were both asleep.  i got up to see who was crying.  oh, it was mary laughing really loud as she played hide and seek in her bed with her little people.  that girl.  her little imagination is amazing right now.  i love hearing her talk and sing and play with all of her dolls and people.  love her!

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Jami Nato said...

this made me laugh. what a creative bird. let us pray that her creativity makes millions one day?