Friday, June 24, 2011


mary is having so much fun with her cousins.  unfortunately, kelley (my sister-in-law) is still in zambia bringing their newest child home.  isaiah, i'm so glad you're in our family and i can't wait to meet you!  but... because kelley isn't home the kids are at my parent's house most days while luke is working.  they really have been so sweet to her.  i still don't have pictures of kate and mary together, but i realized why tonight.  kate takes mary out by herself, pushes her on the swing, plays with her... and i don't have to go outside because kate is in charge.  she's such a great big cousin.  tomorrow i'll try to get them all together.

BUT, i did get a few "modeling" shots of kate, upon her request.  :)  she was so funny and cute.  i thought kelley would like to see her daughter modeling in her rays shirt!  

mary is getting pretty gutsy on the swing.  i looked out the window this afternoon to see kate and huddy pushing her really high and a little sideways.  she holds on well these days though.  here she is going "higher, higher!" with papa.

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