Sunday, June 19, 2011

long day.

 we had a long weekend... we moved the majority of our stuff out of our house on friday and saturday.  then, we flew to sarasota at 7am this morning.  this is a perfect picture to describe how mary felt about the weekend.  :)  mary was worn out and now has a fever.  my poor girl.

but, she was very happy to see the goats (and cows, dog and horse) at my aunt and uncles house this afternoon.  in fact, she had every family member that would listen to her out there at some point.  she LOVES being outside.

here's the bubba luke hanging out with his uncle luke.  sweet.  

we are so happy to be in FL for the week.  we are most excited that we are going to meet my newest nephew, isaiah.  luke and kelley are almost done with the adoption process through zambia... isaiah and kelley are due to arrive home on friday!  we can't wait to meet him!   

more from florida later... i'm off to bed.  

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