Friday, June 3, 2011


i've been posting pictures of fun, outside activities and practicing with my new camera.  but, this is everyday life inside.  we do go to the park most days but we also do a lot of hanging out at home in our pjs (or no clothes for chubby, sweating luke).  they especially enjoy their bonding time in the crib.  

mary "holding" and kissing luke

luke is trying to eat mary's face... he tries to pull people's faces towards him and eat them

laughing in the crib
this is what they do every morning and afternoon.  mary wants luke in her crib when she wakes up and then they "play."  now that luke is rolling over she has more fun.  she gets right up in his face and laughs really loud... and eventually he usually joins in, or cries in fear, depending on his mood.  

there are a few things in common between these four pictures: mary and luke (of course) but there is also a giraffe burp cloth.  one day i put it under luke's head when i laid him in the crib and mary thought it was the greatest thing ever!  everytime she holds him or has him in her crib she first askes for the giraffe burp cloth (thanks, mrs. marcantonio!).  

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Sarah said...

Lisa, the first photo is absolutely wonderful! Way to spot some good light! Great composition. And the eyes are sharp. Good job!