Thursday, June 16, 2011

the pierces...

grandma came to visit the last few days and we had a great time (and were really thankful)!  the kids got some special attention from her while danny and i worked on paperwork and other random things that keep filling our days.  we were also able to go on a double date with our old pastor and his wife... we had been talking about it for 8 months so it was fun to finally get to go out with them.  

grandma got mary a lot of books for christmas that she wasn't that interested in then... but now she loves them!  she has a new obsession with "real books," like the kind with paper pages and not board pages.  she LOVES to read them (really flip through and talk about the pictures) and is currently obsessed with toy story.  she has never seen the movie or the characters before... but, i'm hoping that this book makes her interested in watching a toy story marathon in about 5 weeks on the plane.  :)  i will continue to feed her love of toy story until then.  

mary is also very particular about certain things... like when luke has any kind of fuzz in his hair at all!  she is always picking at his hair.  i mean, i don't know where she got it from (read: i was obsessed with picking his cradle cap and she learned from me... disgusting, i know).  but, often times he has nothing in his hair, his cradle cap is gone, she just likes to pick.  she'll be a great wife!  :)

we also got together with the greater pierce family... which mary loves because she gets to see ryry, dylan, tim and the rest of the gang.

danny and his brother, tim, dropping my children at the same time

luke reaching for dylan's face...

...and trying to eat it.  he does that all of the time!

dylan, ryan, mary and luke... laying peacefully like they always do.  ;)
happy birthday to all june birthdays!

lastly, here is "teddy," their wonderful auntie.  mary named her teddy one day (well, that was how she said karen) and it has stuck.  i'm not sure if mary can actually say karen or not yet, but i'm not going to try.  i call her teddy now.  i hope mary and luke and all of our kids always call her teddy.  

luke loves being kissed by everyone.  he's a really squirmy kid, but if you lay your lips on his cheek he just sits still with a really faint smile.   i snuggle him right up to my face and just hold the kiss.  it's cute.

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