Monday, June 6, 2011


it was a big weekend for our boy.  he started food and did pretty well.  today was day 3 of food and we forgot to feed him.  typical.  luckily, he doesn't really need the food yet.  

sunday luke was dedicated at church.  it's a time to publically commit to raise our son in the understanding and fear of the Lord and pray for his salvation.  our church community also commits to love, encourage and pray for him as well.  it's a neat time.  danny's family joined us so it was fun for us (and especially the kids) to get to spend some time with them.

luke chewing on aunt "teddy's" finger to stay quiet during prayer... i thought it was cute

i would have enjoyed the dedication a lot more if mary would not have been up there with us.  i mean, she's usually a pretty well behaved little girl... but she is two for two when it comes to bad behavior in front of our entire church.  thanks, mary.  i was dripping sweat, all flustered because she wouldn't stay still.  i finally let her down and told her to go sit with her buddy, jude knight, and eat his snack (thanks, bianchis!).  she got off the stage but then just stood there in front of the stage.

then, she got her arm stuck inside of her dress and started saying, "help mama!"  so here i am, slightly embarrassed and slightly thinking she's hilarious.... dripping sweat.  the last time she was near the stage for easter children's sermon she thought playing chase was a good idea... so i had to run down the aisle in my loud boots chasing my laughing child to get her out of there.  she's special.  

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Emily said...

I LOVE MARY!!! I think I would have been dying laughing if we had been there... kind of like how I am right now and I could hardly read your full post outloud to Andy, Travis, and John because I'm laughing so much. They didn't find it as funny as I did, though...