Friday, July 8, 2011


one week from today... i'll be THIRTY years old!  

a few months ago i was saying that i was going to spend my 30th birthday in bali (since i thought we'd be living in indonesia by now).  since we're still in the states for 13 more days (crazy!!!) i have found an even better way to celebrate!

if you've talked to be in the last 4 months you know that my brother and his family are adopting a little boy from zambia.  his name is ISAIAH LUCAS LARKIN.  we went to sarasota a few weeks ago thinking that we'd be there for his homecoming... but some paperwork was wrong and they are still in africa.  but, he and kelley are supposed to be coming home on friday, july 15th, my 30th birthday... and we're flying to FL to be there!!!  for months, i have been  praying and dreaming that i would get to be there with my whole family when isaiah comes home.  i wasn't sure it was going to happen but we just bought our plane tickets so they better be there!  :)  i am beyond excited and thankful to get to go!

isaiah and kelley
i think he's a beautiful little boy and i hear that he is quiet the funny guy too.  we can't wait to meet him and i can't wait to see him interact with his big sister and brothers.  he's only a few months older than mary, so i'm sure she'll love to have a new cousin to play with that is more her size.  and, he doesn't really speak english yet which is perfect for mary because most people can't understand what she's saying anyways (unless you've been tutored by one of her parents).  i hope they'll be two peas in a pod... if they can learn to share.  :)

kelley, we can't wait to see you either!  you have been beyond amazing through this very trying and long journey!  we love you and are praying for you these last few days!

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