Tuesday, July 26, 2011

phone pictures...

i haven't taken any pictures while in indonesia... it's just kind of awkward walking around with my camera.  we get enough attention as it is since we are white and have cute, chubby kids!!  i'll take some soon, but for now here are some of the pictures from my phone that i gave up when i left.  

lily giving luke a sweet hug

lily giving luke a headlock hug... look at their faces!  love it.

mary, lily and jude on the porch... we were regulars in meghan's backyard

mary putting luke "night night"

luke loves the swing and he smiles so easily!

mary and dada swinging (g'ma pushing mary)

typical of my weird little girl

this is what luke did almost everyday while we played at the park.  awesome.

i fit perfectly, right?

lily and mary on a walk around the block.  they were hilarious!

happy boy.  

can you tell they like to swing?

they love each other.

lily's shades.  looking good.


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