Sunday, July 24, 2011


we are here! 

a few highlights from the trip here... we almost missed our flight because of the 14 detours getting to the airport at 4am.  mary peed through her cloths on the first flight... from boston to nyc.  awesome.  i spilled an entire cup of a purple drink all over my WHITE shorts on the airplane.  they look tie dyed.  mary's dvd player was amazing!  she did really well considering the situation.  we left our "house" in boston at 4am and arrived in malang around midnight (i think)... door to door about 32 hours of traveling.  not bad to get across the world.

we are all very tired from the traveling and jet lag, but we're hanging in there!  the kids are not at all adjusted to the time.  mary has been awake for almost 2 hours both nights.  last night luke was awake from 2:15-6:15 and then up again at 7am.  it was rough!  we finally put him in our bed around 5am (he had just fallen asleep in his bed and was woken up by some 'call to pray' like song... that lasted over an hour).  after wrestling him for about 45 minutes he dozed off again and about 30 seconds later a cat came to our window and meowed so loudly that danny checked to make sure it was outside.  luke was awake again.  danny and i were dying laughing at a few times through out the night.  it was like we were waiting for the hidden camera to be revealed... certainly that couldn't have been reality.  it was.

DAY 1: we slept until 10am (when we were awaken by some of our friends here).  we hung out with them for a bit and met their kids, who will be great play mates for mary.   we just hung around, unpacked, took naps and then headed to dinner with some friends.  it was great to get out and eat some indonesian food.  we went to bed.  mary and luke were both up for awhile.  mary was attacked by mosquito bites in the night... she has them all over her, including three big ones on her right cheek.  sad!  we're being more cautious now.

DAY 2: we woke up early and didn't do much.  went to the outside sunday market for a bit.  took a LONG nap (after getting about 3 hours of sleep the night before).  then, my mom, leslie and i ventured out to the grocery store.  we got a taxi, couldn't communicate and ended up at the wrong place.  we did a little shopping there and then went home.  then we went for round two... we were on a mission to find the "western" grocery store.  we got another taxi and found it.  it's not so western.  i mean, there are some good items for special occasions... but a pint of haagen daz ice cream was $10... won't be buying that anytime soon!  now we're off to bed.

tomorrow we go to the language school to check in and start house hunting.  please pray that we find one quickly!  we're really looking forward to having a place that our kids (and us) can call home and feel settled, especially after hopping around for the past month.  also, please pray that our kids start sleeping through the night quickly and feel comfortable here.  thanks!  we'll report more later.


Anonymous said...

It is SOoooo GREAT to hear an update from you!! We love you very much and miss you too!! We will continue to think of you during this time. We love you!!
M&K Larkin :)

Emily said...

You make me laugh!!! Can't believe all of those things that happened, but what a great story :) You guys are so laid back, God just probably thought He'd give you a few laughs. So glad you made it and that you have your parents to help you! Can't wait to see pics. Love you guys so much! Love, Em and Andy

karen said...

"purple drink"
Go to Youtube and look up Dave Chappelle and purple drink, it's funny. But his is a different purple drink

Kathy said...

So glad to hear from you all!! Thinking of you often...
Love, Kathy

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Glad y'all made it! I love the stories and I cannot imagine traveling that many hours with two tiny kiddos. Props to y'all!