Tuesday, July 12, 2011

gracie and ellie come to boston!

this is how our fourth of july started....

we met a bunch of friends (all those who were in town for lacey and rob's wedding) at panera and then we headed to the park with the kids... and mike and beth.  somehow beth started giving them squirts of water from her bottle and they loved it!  they waited in anticipation and thought it was so funny!



then we had a little cookout at the house where we're staying (thanks, richmonds!).  the girls came over again and had a great time.  they started playing the piano together and loved it!  it was so cute.  mary doesn't always play with kids, usually more along side them... but she played pretty well with ellie and gracie.  she thought they were so funny and would join in the squealing and laughing.  it was fun to watch!


then we did sparklers for the kids.  i was a little hesitant at first, you know a bunch of toddlers playing with fire... it's not really adviced in parenting magazine.  but, they did great and thought it was so cool!

the littles were assisted at first, but not for long

excited their sparkler is coming... then scared.  :)

we were so thankful to have our dear friends in town before we head off to indonesia.  joy, ellie and gracie's mom, has been one of my dearest friends since the beginning of college and i'm thankful that we've been able to walk with her through so much of life.  

oh, and this is what luke was doing the whole time... hanging out and being entertained by gracie.  thanks, gracie!

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Travis and Joy Phillips said...

have a "pierce" post coming up myself...the days with you guys were priceless. how we miss you. i'll look at these pics in the months to come and long for them again...and they will come, but it will be a while. i love you, lis.