Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on our way...

to INDONESIA!  i can't believe the day has finally come!  i should be asleep, like my husband beside me, but i'm documenting one of big life changes that is about to happen.  we take off from boston at 6am tomorrow and will arrive in our new city just a short 24 hours of travel later.  :)  you can pray for us... and our kids!  my parents are traveling there with us to help us settle in and we couldn't be more thankful!  we will update soon from our new home!

we are sad to leave boston... but so excited about our new life in indonesia.  it has been a journey for me, but i can say with everything in me i'm ready and i'm excited!  i'll have my lonely days, but i'm so thankful that God has brought us to this place with my lovely family.  we are ready to have a home again (we've been 'migrating' for 3 weeks).... and we're ready for it to be in indonesia.

she's always ready for an adventure... even last summer!  

a few other things...

we had a wonderful time in florida getting to spend time with family and hanging out with isaiah!  i will post pictures later, but i was so surprised at how well he is doing with such big transition.  we got to play and bond and i love him!

secondly, we had family pictures taken by a friend last week... she's awesome.  here's a link to some of them on her blog.  we love them and had a great time with her.  she was great with our little family... and karen (aka teddy in our house... danny's sister) was beyond helpful to both our family and sarah.  thanks for your help teddy!

lastly, thank you to all of the people who have helped us get out the door to indonesia.... many friends ran errands for me, packed my bags, watched my kids, etc.  thanks to craig and meghan for letting our family live with their's for the last 10 days!  thanks to pat (danny's mom) and teddy (danny's sister) for watching our kids ALL day and making a fabulous "last supper" for us!  we really appreciate everything!

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Sarah said...

You're in the early part of your journey as I write this...praying for you guys!

And YES!!! Thank you, "Teddy", for all your help on the shoot! You were so great!