Monday, November 21, 2011

"i love it!" and we have a walker....

the "i love it" series... to help me choose thankfulness and to love the place God has led our family... today is a really spiritual one... 

today i'm thankful that there is a starbucks in surabaya and that i got to go last weekend.  that's right, surabaya (the city we're moving to next summer) has a starbucks.  it is exactly like the starbucks in america and it was oh so comforting.  we took a short weekend trip to surabaya to check out different areas of the city and just enjoy the city that we'll soon be calling home.  it's a lot bigger, dirtier and crowded so we want to be proactive about trying to find things we love about it.  things i loved... starbucks, the italian and the thai restaurant that we ate at and the huge malls.  spiritual, i know.  :)  it's hard to love deep things about it after visiting for 48 hours.  but, i also really liked that there were a lot of people just hanging around (hopefully it will make it easier to get to know them) and there were a few nice parks for the kids to play and me to meet other moms.

anyways, on to our WALKER!  luke took his first steps last week... it was three steps as he was falling into my arms.  now, only a few days later, he's taken about 7 controlled steps.  it's so stinking cute!  he gets really proud of himself and looks at us for approval.  we'll try to get it on video one of these days.  here he is at the park last week... 

he was laughing, not crying.... i think. 

going after a ball... his FAVORITE activity (besides eating)

about to crawl towards me... he also loves to do that.  whenever i get on the floor with him he gets so excited and comes right over to tackle me.  yes, he full on tackles!  he's a tough boy.

and here's my big girl reading in her big girl bed.  sometimes we send her to bed with a few books while we clean up and she just reads them.  she has a few memorized (or at least the idea) so she tells the story.  it's sweet.  gosh, she is so stinking funny these days!  

today she came running to me when i was cleaning dishes.  she said she was scared (just wanting my attention).  danny said, "well, when mama gets scared she always wants dada to cuddle her. do you want to come to me and i'll cuddle you?"  she looks at him in all seriousness, "no thank you, dada." 

we all went to the mall/grocery store tonight to get a few things.  mary went with danny to go buy some clippers at the department store.  the entrance they enter through led straight to the lingerie section.  mary proceeded to touch every bra and say "i like this one, daddy."  she picked up some blue underwear and told danny she like them too.  meanwhile, danny was trying to hurry her out of that section as all of the veiled women are watching him stop his two year old from picking up bras.  awkward.  

one more thing that she's doing now that is really sweet.  whenever luke walks or does something that is a little bit of a challenge for him (get down stairs, throw the ball, etc.) mary yells for danny and i to watch him.  she says, "look what luke can do, mommy!  yeah, bubba!  you did it, bubba!"  i hope that she always encourages her brother like that!


Vik said...

hilarious about mary and danny in the lingerie section. i laughed out loud as i read it. love it.

Becs said...

I know that lingerie experience all too well... minus the veils. I can only imagine that added dimension!