Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my debut

today was my debut as 'coach lisa.'  that's right, i coached a high school girls basketball game today.  i've been helping with the team once a week (coaching one practice) but the other coach was sick today so i had to take over the duty of coaching.  it was rough.  the girls played hard, really hard.  we were missing 4 players, including the one below (laurie) who is usually responsible for most points, assists and steals.  i'm proud of the way the girls played the entire game, even though there was no chance they would come back to win.  most of them haven't played much (if at all) so we're in a learning phase.  i like to say that there is a lot of room for growth.  :)  

obviously can't take pictures while i'm coaching but this is from last week :)

the team is from an international school down the street.  it's been a fun little place for our family.  we know quite a few people who go there and they have a playground that we can use.  so, often times we'll go up to play in the afternoon and then end up watching some sporting event.  mary usually knows a few of the students playing so she cheers them on and wants to play with them.  she loves 'playing' basketball, which is sometimes a problem while she's watching a game that she can't join in on.  

there was a boys' game after ours... i had hoped to watch it but instead was involved in a small photo shoot.  someone from the opposing team had a super fancy camera and they took about 200 pictures of our kids (and the other white kids).  they're going to email us the good ones and i'm actually kind of excited to see them.  they showed me a few and they were cute.  i'm rarely in pictures because i'm always taking them.  

and on a different note, here is mary eating her first hamburger.  she's one step ahead of me in the food department.  i have yet to eat a hamburger in my life (my parent's could correct me on this, but i'm pretty sure it's true).  she maybe had one bite and then moved on to baked beans and carrots.  funny that mary comes to indonesia to try her first hamburger.  thanks, o'quin family!  :)   

oh, and she has also learned what wendy's is since being here.  we go after church every sunday evening with the other white people who miss american food.  usually i pack a dinner (seriously) but i always get a frosty.  i think the frostys at wendy's are the best ice cream in town.  keep in mind, i've eaten a frosty in america one time in the last 7-10 years.  my friend shelly (who had a habit of eating frostys in boston) was stopping by my house one afternoon and brought me one.  i liked it... but now i LOVE frostys! 

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