Monday, November 7, 2011

i love it!

so, to continue in my "series" of why i love indonesia.... here it is.  :)

changing the water is one of the activities that danny and mary always do together.  she 'helps' him cut the seal, clean the top and then flip it over.  he waits for her help everytime it has to be done.  she loves it!  

the truth is, today i'm not in love with indonesia... i like it but i can't think of something that i really want to talk about.  for some reason today is kind of a down day... maybe because i was sick (again) yesterday, most likely from something that i ate, and i'm still feeling it.  throwing up for a day every month or so may just be the new normal for our family.  today i'm still thankful, it's just not something specific to our life in indonesia.

today i'm thankful for danny.  i'm thankful for countless things about him, but a few from the last few days...

i'm thankful that today when i was feeling kind of down he asked me to sit by him and tell him what i was thinking and feeling.  he cares.

i'm thankful that i can tell by the way he looks at me while i'm talking that he would do anything to make me feel better.

i'm thankful that when i was in bed all day yesterday he took care of the kids, tried to keep them out of the room to let me rest, fed them and cleaned up after everyone.

i'm thankful that he's been really proactive about building our marriage in the good times (rather than just as a result of conflict) and seeking to bless me in the little things (like hanging pictures on our walls and making our house feel a little bit more like OUR home).

i'm thankful that he lets me go through the process of grieving the loss that came with moving to indonesia; he is patient with me, speaks truth from God to me and encourages me.

from july... luke the little baldy

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