Tuesday, November 22, 2011


luke started walking and this is his proud/ concentrated face while walking.  it's kind of hard to get pictures of his whole body walking since he can only walk a few steps and i have to be there to catch him.  can't get back far enough... but here's his cute face while walking.

and here's the first night he took steps.  yes, he's always that dirty.  he always has food on his clothing (sometimes i wonder if the ants get on his cloths during his naps... sometimes i put him in clean cloths).  :)  and he's ALWAYS that sweaty!  his hair is usually wet around his ears.  i think he get's it from danny (an obvious joke for anyone who knows me).  

he's walking....

and he landed.
we're proud of you, bubbies!  

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Megs said...

L-O-V-E your blog Lisa. I seriously read it every other day. You take beautiful pics and i can still hear that voice of yours...telling the stories. Proud of you friend.