Sunday, November 13, 2011

water bottle

today we went to go see a waterfall about an hour away... mary asked where the "water bottle" was the entire time we were driving there.  she kept telling us we were going to see a waterbottle, not a waterfall.  once we got there she was only mildly interested in the waterfall, but had a good time on our little journey none the less.  luke doesn't look too interested either... he wasn't.  he's a little too squirmy to enjoy being in the ergo carrier anymore.

danny isn't too into being photographed so this picture is extra sweet to me.  danny is smiling with his teeth (very rare for pictures) and mary is all snuggled up (also very rare!).  sweet.

a few highlights from our trip: there were monkeys all around and mary liked that a lot; i got my picture taken with multiple random indonesian people... they just come up and ask if i'll pose in a picture with them.  usually it's my kids that get photographed (it's not uncommon for 10 people to take picures of luke or mary while we're at the mall) but because i had luke on me i was included.  awkward.  and on our two hour journey mary probably asked at least 300 questions, no exaggeration.  she's started the question asking phase.  wow, it's tiring.  finally at the end i started asking her questions just like she asked me, 'mary, where cow go?' 'i see cow more-gin?' 'where the waterbottle?'  she thought i was so funny.  she knows all of the answers to the questions and sometimes i'll tell her the wrong answer and she'll say no mommy and tell the the right one.  she funny.  

and, the water bottle...


Neave said...

That IS a great photo of Danny and Mary! And so is the one of all you guys... I love Luke's face. =) Charis is asking questions, too. I know what you mean. I catch myself saying, "just because" sometimes, but she won't let me get away with that one. The "just because why?" always follows.

Helen Hendro said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the trip, if we go up that way again we should when there isn't so much traffic!!