Thursday, February 2, 2012


a glimpse of some of the beautiful people we see everyday.  

the people here are so beautiful but they're always wanting to look different (just like americans).  they do things to make their skin lighter or talk about how they want smaller lips and smaller cheek bones or whatever they don't have.  i try to explain that people in america have proceedures to get more plump lips and more defined cheek bones... and that white people always want to be darker.  we always want what we don't have.  it reveals the sin in our hearts, the discontentment, the wanting.  it's not just with appearance, with anything.  sometimes i just want our house to have a rug and nightstands, or really want to hang out with old friends, or want time by myself, or want danny to do something for me, or want my kids to stop whining.  it wears me out.  i realized a few weeks ago that i was just worn out from wanting, from not being content.  

i'm thankful that we have the promise of God.  there is freedom from our sin today and one day there will be free from it for all eternity.  but for now, i continue to pray that God gives me eyes to see things with joy and thankfulness.  to appreciate what we have here in indonesia and the beautiful creation of God all around us.  to be content in all circumstances.

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