Tuesday, February 28, 2012

wesley stars!

that's right.  we won the championship.  

for those of you who don't know anything about international schools here (which is most of you) this is THE tournament every year.  we came into the tournament seeded last and came back to win the whole thing.  the girls were amazing.  they played their hearts out and i'm so proud of them.  we had such a fun weekend!  i wish i had more pictures of the girls playing and of my kids being involved.  mary sat on the bench a few games and cheered the girls on.  she loved cheering and 'coaching' with me.  i coached one game with luke in the sling.  i was a little too busy coaching to use my camera.  :)  

and, yes, i do have a little black dress on.  we made a deal with the girls that if they made it to the finals we would wear our nicest black dresses to coach.  honestly, didn't think it would happen.  but, the girls were amazing and there i was coaching in a black dress in front of far too many people.  embarrassing.  

if you want the whole "facing the giants" story, check out coach faith's blog.  :)

and here are some pictures of my kids in between the games having fun with mimi and papa.  we're SO thankful to have them here.  it's been fun just to hang out and have them spend time with us and the kids.    luke is warming up to them more everyday and mary is on cloud nine that they're actually here!  it's fun.

not sure if you can tell, but mary has a cheerleading skirt on.  unfortunately i didn't get many pictures of it (again, i was coaching) but vikki made cheerleading skirts and pom poms for three of the little girls here to cheer on the teams.  it was so cute!  thanks, vikki!

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