Friday, March 9, 2012


 we've had a busy last week or so!  here's the first of a few posts to recap it...

we went to bali!  bali is a quick and cheap flight away from our home now so it's an awesome place to take a little vacation.  i think the best part about bali was the food (at least for me and danny) because they have a lot of different western restaurants... we've been here awhile so we really appreciate some variety!  :)  we had a beautiful place on the water with a pool.  it was such a great set up for our family.  unfortunately our kids were both sick the whole time so they were in and out of bed (and terrible moods!!!) so we did a lot of hanging around the house.  but, it was still fun!

mary isn't the bravest girl around but she did great in the pool this time.  at first we couldn't let go of her at all but eventually she swam the length of the pool (with her floaties of course!) by herself.  i hope to find more opportunities for her to get in the water around here because she really seemed to enjoy it.

 she loved swimming with her papa!

luke in a trance.  mimi was doing "X marks the spot", something she is famous for in our family.  luke loves it and would sit their forever in a trance, as shown.  :)  

mary laughing at someone splashing her... 

and luke laughing at getting splashed.  i love this face of luke's!  he makes this funny deep noise before he starts laughing and does this face.  he's becoming quite the goof.

one day we went to a market there just to check out the local scene.  here is mary and mimi looking at all of the ducks in their baskets.  mary liked them.  

and, i just thought this was pretty impressive, right?!?  those balinese women could carry anything on their heads!

i always intend to take so many pictures on vacations and it just doesn't happen.  it's so hard with having the kids out of their ordinary place/schedule so to get the camera out is sometimes too much.  anyways, i did my best.  and i guess you'll see by the next post kids can't be my only excuse.  danny and i had two days by ourselves and i took about 6 pictures.  :)  oh well.  but, the good news is that we had a great time in bali!  

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Emily said...

Great photos! I'm so glad you are spending such good time with your parents. So fun for Mary and Luke. Love you.