Saturday, March 24, 2012

adventures with mimi

my parents have left indonesia but here is a glimpse at one of our funnier moments.  my mom always cracks me up in culturally different situations... whether that's memories of hearing her scream through a cold "bucket bath" in south america, hearing her scream any time she has an ant on her or sees a cockroach (which is often) or this last week, riding on the motorcycle with her.  

it was raining but we wanted to get a massage before they left and they were leaving the next day.  you can get 90 minutes of reflexology for about $6 so if i have visitors we usually go.  :)  i mean, i have to be a good host, you know?  anyways, we head out and i'm thinking the umbrella is going to help, i mean, i've seen indonesians do it.  so off we go and i'm getting SOAKED.  like my entire outfit and i got splashed by passing cars.  i tell my mom so she decides that lowering the umbrella would be a good solution... lowering it so much that i couldn't see the road in front of me.  i was dying laughing.  she's all awkward on the back of the motorcycle, kind of scared, kind of grabbing me, trying to hold the umbrella while steering the bike by squeezing my body with her legs.  back seat drivers are much worse when driving a motorcycle.  we get to the place (which was like 4 minutes away) i'm soaked, she can't get her helmet off so i'm still laughing.  if you know my mom, you'd laugh too.  she's such a good sport here in different coutries!  she goes with the flow and is not afraid to venture out.  but sometimes she makes me laugh in the process.  

it was so fun having them here, we're so blessed to have such supportive parents (both sides) and grandparents who are so helpful and fun for our kids.  we look forward to them coming again!  

and for those who didn't see this on facebook... i present to you the chub. :)  luckily he's only one... if not he would have definitely been made fun of!  i will say, he didn't really walk around like this, papa was carrying him and put him down to see the cat... i just hadn't pulled his pants out of his rolls.  what, you don't have to do that too?


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you made me laugh about the garbanzo bean brownies.