Saturday, March 17, 2012

usual life

i always have my phone with me (usually) so sometimes the pictures from it show real life... like this.  :)

my fat little baby with food in both hands and his mouth.  he didn't know what to do... and i just took pictures of it.  :)  the sweaty head below is also a constant reality here.  but, notice the beautiful background; this was in bali.  

luke was a little slow on the clapping thing... he started just a few weeks ago.  but now, wow, is he excited when he does!  it's the cutest, most proud face!  

more day to day life... mary on the playground being followed by these three cute girls.  for about 10 minutes every time she wanted to play with something else they all came with her.  she was oblivious.  they were really cute.  

luke always falls, gets his hands dirty and then shows them to us so that we'll wipe them off for him.  mary was being a good big sister, with her cool crocs and socks.  sometimes, you just pick your battles with your two year old and the "crocs and socks" battle just isn't that important in our household right now.  

 sometimes i hang from things at the playground and then mary wants to do it too.  well, now luke wants to also.  this is him thinking that he was pulling himself up on the poll... i just wish you could hear the grunt that goes along with the effort.  he's on his tip toes so he thinks he's going up too.

and luke meeting a little friend.  she is so cute.  they always want babies to shake hands here so we go along with it.  luke is learning to shake hands with other babies, unfortunately this might make him the awkward, formal kid on the playground whenever we go back to the states.  

along with daily life in indonesia comes funny signs in the bathroom.  and after 8 months they're still funny to me.  the "how to use the toilet correctly" sign... again.  salah=wrong.  yang benar=the correct way.  

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