Tuesday, March 20, 2012

mary, my personal trainer

mary is still into exercising, like really into exercising!  she does it every day and sometimes convinces me to join her.  she has now moved to personal training also.  she knows the words that jillian michaels says and coaches me on going all the way down or not putting my toe over my knee when i do lunges.  she also says things like "gorgeous!" or "hit the floor!"  i'll spare you from some of the exercises (mainly for my own sake) but here she is in action.  :)  this is one of the mornings i was not planning on working out until my trainer woke up early and made me.  

oh, and notice a. her outfit.  she picked it out by herself (obviously).  and b. our weights... i use cans of beans and she uses spices.  usually she wakes up and immediately asks to do her exercises and for me to get her her "spicey weights."  :)  

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Emily said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Oh my goodness, she is truly hilarious. What a sweet quirky personality. Do you feed her extra snacks with all of her burned cals? :)