Tuesday, March 13, 2012

batu secret zoo...

next on the list is batu.  we took a short drive to a city called batu that holds the best zoo i've ever been to.  it was awesome!  they also have a great playground in the town center, which is where luke met his little buddy above.  :)  she is so stinking cute! they shook hands and then gave kisses.  it was pretty cute.

 the hotel we stayed at was right beside the zoo and we could see (and hear!) the animals from our room... like hear the lion and tigers roaring all night.  it is called pohon inn, pohon means tree and everything was very tree-like.  it was a really cool place.  

i had to show my loyalities to the owl.  i'm a chi omega until i die, right?!?

i love this picture.  mary looks like such a big girl having this serious heart to heart with her daddy.  i'm sure they were.  notice the socks... she insisted on wearing the socks with crocs.  oh mary.  

these aren't great pictures but i thought it would show a little into our real daily life here.  we were in the lobby getting ready to head home and a class of middle school students came in.  they went crazy over mary and luke.  this is me holding both kids while they talk to us and take 48 pictures of them. 

can you see luke's little head behind the mass of young teenagers?  we're behind them all as the center of attention.  that is a new normal here.  my kids are like magnets for people.  it's unbelievable.  i caught many people taking pictures of my kids in the zoo, rather than the exotic and amazing animals all around them.  i just try to make it fun for the kids so they don't get frustrated by the masses.  sometimes they do great and other times they aren't so happy with the random people grabbing them from me.  we try to take it as an opportunity to teach mary about kindness towards people.  :)

 but, i mean, how could you resist this face?!?!

fun with mimi and papa!

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Kathy said...

Cool shirt, Mimi!! I LOVE the crocs with socks. Miss you all.