Sunday, March 25, 2012

the wound

 mary woke up right before i walked out the door to go running yesterday.  i told her i was going to go and she lost it... instantly started sobbing.  she wanted to come with me so i got her snack and water and off we went.  i always ran with my kids in america but here is different.  a. i've never seen one person with a jogging stroller here.  i mean, i've seen about 6 runners in my area in 8 months here.  so running with a kid really gets me extra unwanted attention.  b. i have to run uphill the entire time, until i turn around and run home downhill.  it's hard to run alone, let alone push a stroller.  and c. i don't have a real jogging stroller here and the roads are rough.  anyways, i sucked it up and took her.  she wanted to wear her "running outfit" and "tie shoes" too so she could run with me on our street.  i got her changed and came out of her room in her get-up and danny started dying laughing. i'm not sure why.  she looks like a runner to me.  

please forgive my appearance, this was after the difficult run.  while running (almost dying mind you) she asked me why i was making that funny noise.  oh, it was just me panting really loud.  then she asked for her water and her snack.  she was tired from the run too.  :)  

then after the run i took luke and mary on a little walk down the street... something we sometimes do multiple times a day.  well, mary fell over a speed bump and was wounded!  can't you tell?!?!  

this was about 9:30am.  she would not walk at all until about 6:30pm when our friends (and their kids) came over and were jumping on the bed.  she finally walked and said, "look mommy, i can walk!!!" as she was limping terribly.  it was so funny.  she wouldn't do anything all day, didn't even want to go swimming with bubba.  even tonight she said, "mom, you have to be hati-hati because of my boo-boo."  hati-hati means careful.  oh, and did i mention that she adds an "y" to the end of my words, like "beddy" "cuppy" and "booby".  yeah, so she was talking all about her "booby" all day.  


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Caron said...

This is adorable. She is too funny, I love it!

Vik said...

hilarious. i just read this and the outfit totally cracks me up. she's awesome.