Thursday, March 29, 2012

luke: 16 months

luke. 16 months. i love him.

some of his new tricks:

he loves doing animals noises (on his current repertoire: dog, cat, elephant, gorilla, bees)

he says mama, dada, bubba and ball

he bows his head as he greets people around town (in our country people do a little head bow when greeting others, it has become usual for me and for luke. he just started it and it's hilarious to see him do it do random indonesia people as we walk by).

he tries to do exercises with mary, shoulder presses, jumping jacks, you know the usual 1 year old exercises.

he can kick a ball around the house for a long time! self entertainment.

he loves books!

he loves to 'honk' our noses.

and a few not so fun new tricks....

his little will is in full force. he starting hitting, sitting on the floor and pouting, and just showing his anger. sometimes i have to turn away because his dramatic display of dispair over not getting cornflakes that moment (or something like that) makes me laugh. he's just an emotional little guy.

he could define "pesty little brother." it's hilarious (sometimes). he and mary sit beside each other in the car and he can't keep his hands off of her... just always grabbing at her. he's always into her business. he's pesty and i'm pretty sure he knows it and tries to be.

he usually only wants me. think shower, cooking, exercising, bathroom, all the time! it's not that fun sometimes. but, God is actually using it to refine me (well, at least i hope in the end i have some victory and i can call it refinement)... i ask God to fill me with the Holy Spirit so that His fruit will be displayed in me to my children. patience, love, kindness, joy.

a few things we love about him right now...

his "uh oh" face, shown above. he rolls balls under the couch and then looks up at us like, 'how did that happen? oh no!' he has that face a lot and he has a cute little sound to go along with it.

he laughs really hard at and with mary still. they scream together and then die laughing at each other... though i don't love the screaming, i love seeing them have fun together.

his face. it's just so stinking cute sometimes. he's really expressive and says so much with his little faces.

he gets really excited when other people are excited... like if people clap in church he looks at me like, 'can you believe this is really happening?!?! i get to clap with all of these people!!!'

he loves to run to us. if we're on the ground he'll run back and forth, full speed falling into our bodies and hugging us. like, if we weren't there to catch him he would do a total face plant. he trusts us. :)

when he hears a song he looks at us and kind of bobs his head, telling us it's time to sing and dance along. he does the same thing when he gets to the page in his Red Sox book with the words to 'take me out to the ball game.' he will randomly hear a song in the mall and start dancing.

luke daniel pierce, i love you. i'm so thankful that God has given you to us to love, enjoy and ultimately to lead you in following Christ. i pray that your happy heart moments far exceed your pouts on the ground. :)

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