Wednesday, October 12, 2011

choo choo tar

 i've always known that boys and girls are different but my kids are another great testimony to that.  luke's favorite activities currently are going after the dirt or ants on the edge of our grass (like below)... he's like a magnet to that place!  he loves to throw the ball around the house by himself and chase it.  sometimes he'll do it for 20 minutes straight and he gets really proud every time.  he also loves to throw food off the his tray... and then look at me and wait for me to give him a little pinch.  at the age of 10 months, i'm not exactly sure what mary loved, but she's never eaten dirt or picked up bugs and she didn't start playing with a ball until after she could walk.  and, i gave her about 10 pinches over a few days and she never threw things off her tray again.  they're different.  luke has some spirit.  :)  mary does too, especially now, but it's different.  i can't wait to see how luke's personality develops.

currently, mary loves her "choo choo tar" (guitar... i have no idea how she came up with that name)... her dance moves are developing more and more every day and it's hilarious.  she's now got her hips really going.  she also loves to play puzzles... she's do the same puzzle 12 times if we'd sit there long enough to help her (she likes real puzzles, not wooden ones that she can actually do by herself).  and, she loves to test.  we often talk about how wonderful and funny our kids are, but they are also real.  mary is in the midst of testing her boundaries about EVERYTHING... how long can she wait before she comes when i ask her; if i tell her not to put her feet on the table, can she put her toe, could she put her foot on the underside of the table top, could she... you name it, she tests it.  all in all, she is a pretty easy kid but she definitely is 2 and is learning her place, which is loved by and under God and mama and dada.  :)

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