Saturday, October 15, 2011

potty training: day 1

potty training went a little bit like this today.... 

mary, 4 months old, in her cousin mary's chair
it's not entirely true, but right now it feels that way.  she started off really well, had two accidents on the ground but went a lot on the potty.  she was excited about it and loved her M&Ms... which she calls 'cinnamon.'  we were putting cinnamon on our oatmeal this morning and talking about her treats if she goes on the potty.  she got them confused.... and we let her stay confused because i thought it was funny. way to go mary!

i was a little discouraged because i felt like she was getting less excited about it as the day went on (usually i can get her excited about almost anything).  well, at 1:30pm i pick her up to put her to bed for her nap and realize she's kind of hot.  oh, she has a 102 temperature.  no wonder she wasn't herself.  after medicine and sleep she was a bit better, but the medicine wore off and she just went to bed with about a 103 fever.  she got progressively more resistant towards the potty but was also resistant towards everything.  she didn't eat, she wouldn't take medicine, she wouldn't do anything.  she just wanted to lay on me.  sad.  she's never cuddly and she kept saying, "mama, hold you."

we'll see how she's feeling tomorrow and see if this little 'potty training boot camp' will continue.  we'd love prayer for her though.  i'm sure she'll be fine, but it's sad to see your little girl so uncomfortable.  thanks! 

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