Friday, October 14, 2011


tomorrow is a big day here... we start potty training mary.  kind of dreading it but really think she's ready.  pray for us.  :) 

how mary is going to bed these days: 

we used to read books, pray and all of that stuff.  then, i would stand up and hold her while we sang 'amazing grace' one time and then she goes in her bed and we sing one more time.  well, now she doesn't want us to hold her, so we all three stand alone and sing.  it's kind of odd.  she just started dancing while singing too.  then, she gets in bed, we sing one more time and then walk out.  oh, and the entire routine is interspersed with this conversation... 'how do you go night night, mary?' 'happy heart, good attitude, no crying, no yelling'... over and over again.  and just the last three nights she hasn't cried.  we've had that saying since way before we moved to indonesia though.  it's FINALLY working... maybe?!?

most recent new sayings:

"YES" all of the sudden mary has totally changed her usual 'ya' to a 'yes' pronounced very well.  there are these three indonesian kids who come over often to play and their mom is an english teacher... so maybe the indonesian kids taught her the correct way to say it.  :)  i don't know.  it literally happened in one day and she totally stopped saying 'ya'... it's just so weird.

"i have an itchy"... she has a bite or something that itches, she often wants us to have itchies also.

"biciple" is bicycle.  cute.

"i say in sweet tone, mama" after asking for something nicely...  she gets really proud of herself!  we're really working on the tone and attitude thing.  :)

"ibu sri let me!" when she's asking to do something that she knows she's not allowed to do but our babysitter always lets her... like stand on the counter and pick out snacks, eat oreos, fill up the ice trays by herself, wear her bathing suit all day... ibu sri isn't quite as quick to correct.  it's okay though, we're thankful to have a kind woman who loves our children!  

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