Tuesday, October 18, 2011

kuda, the horsey

we have a car!  it's a mitsubishi kuda (which means horse).  we're super excited!  we're thankful that we got a quality car but we're most excited to be able to go places as a family and FINALLY explore our new city together.  i have dreams of going on picnics, going to the mall together (which would have been a nightmare had i thought of it before... but since we haven't been able to in so long i imagine it as pure bliss... i'll report on reality after it happens) and taking the kids to a playground or something.  :)

and what did we do to celebrate?  we went to pizza hut!  :)  we went with some friends who also bought a car this week (the husband basically found and bargained for our car too) and one of our language teachers and her family.  it was fun to hang out with them outside of school.  ps. i never would have eaten pizza from pizza hut in boston... but here, it's a special treat!  :)  

and here's bubs doing one of his favorite things.... squeezing an empty bottle.  he's very pleased with himself when he can make things happen by myself, like noises from a bottle.  

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June said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog Lisa! So glad about the car and I sympathize with the potty training. We're going to try in a couple weeks, and I too am dreading it slightly. The only thing that motivates me is not paying for diapers for a month and a half! =) Anyways, we miss you here in Boston. Lily still has the video of jumping in Mary's crib with her and likes to watch it. Little girlfriends her age are a bit lacking around here since most of her age group are boys. Praying for you guys!