Tuesday, October 25, 2011

we miss you, daddy!

danny went to malaysia for four days and i'm here holding down the fort.  i'm really excited about this opportunity for him to get some time with some of the other men around southeast asia and be envisioned for our life here... but WE MISS HIM!  

mary made him a sign to let him know how much we miss him.  this is when mary is in charge of the sign... 

and this is what happens when luke is in charge of "holding" the sign... that blur is the sign being thrown about.  mary is singing old mcdonald, of course.

i know that many of you have your kids for way longer than four days while your husbands travel... way to go!  i'm new at having both kids by myself in indonesia.  :)  luckily we have a car now (and luckily leslie was over so i wasn't scared to death!), so when the electricity went out last night we loaded the kids up and went to mcdonalds.  sometimes it's out for 20 minutes and sometimes it's out for 2 hours... you never know.  it was back on when we got home, and leslie and i got to eat ice cream and mary and luke played on the slide.  it was a great way to spend the evening!  


Kim Deric said...

Lisa, your posts are so very precious and some just too funny! Your children are beautiful...your family is such an inspiration!!!

Mike O'Quin said...

Tell my wife I want Naomi to make a sign for my happy homecoming or I'm going to be hacked off.