Saturday, October 8, 2011

four years of marital bliss...

...that's what we celebrated this weekend.  :)  though in reality not every day is full of bliss, we do feel like the Lord has been so gracious to us through our marriage and we are so thankful for his presence with us.  we are blessed by God.

and, we got to celebrate this weekend!  it started with me making a special dinner of pesto pizza and danny's favorite cookies, pumpkin cake batter white chocolate chip.  keep in mind, most of the ingredients in these cookies can not be bought here, so they are VERY special!  :)  (thanks, mom for the package!)  we put a candle in one for mary and we all sang happy birthday to mama, dada, mary and luke... the term for anniversary here is literally "happy birthday wedding" so i thought it was appropriate... and mary loves candles!

bad picture... i'm not too good at the timer thing yet.  :)  

happy birthday to mama!

happy birthday to ME!
that was probably the 14th time she blew out the candle

friday night danny and i went to a local hotel and had a night away!  it was so fun to just relax and get to spend uninterrupted time together.  we went to a nice dinner... which ended in a funny/typical story.  danny asked for the bill, motioning a piece of paper with his hands and said 'nota' which we are told is used for bill.  the waitor asked something about a glass and danny just kind of looked at him.  then the waitor said 'the large one' and danny said yes.  he walked away and i asked danny why he said yes to the large one... i mean, are we sure he was talking about the bill... is there an option of a small bill?  well, a few minutes later the guy comes back with a huge bottle of beer and a cold glass.  we stopped him right before he started pouring it for danny and realized that 'bill' was heard 'beer.'  anyways, the moral of the story... we still don't know what is going on around here.  ;)  a huge thanks to our friend leslie who kept both of our kids by herself!  she's great with them and i didn't worry at all.

i brought my camera intending to take great pictures of us at the cool places we were going... and i only took this one picture of us sitting on the porch of our room.  lame.

on a different note, it's funny to think about the different things mary is going to grow up doing... like wearing her babies in a "gendongan" like Ibu Sri (our babysitter) wears luke.  cute.  she also asked leslie were the gate was when they were drawing pictures of houses together.  every house here has a gate, and many have crazy spikes.  it's normal for her.


karen said...

Happy Anniversary! Remember that time I wasn't invited to your wedding...

Man Alive! Mary is SO ADORABLE!!! I cannot believe how cute it is that she's carrying her baby (Lela?) like that!

Merrianne Minnich said...

Happy anniversary! Am I assuming correctly that my recipe made it over there??? :) I'm honored.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Happy Birthday Marriage Wedding! I love your posts- I love reading about your adventures.

Amy said...

Happy Anni, love your life long MOH.